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Prescott, AZ USA

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Sue Knaup is the founder and executive director of One Street, an international nonprofit serving leaders of bicycle, community, and environmental organizations. Her specialty is coaching activists on effective campaign planning. For more than 40 years, Sue has led nonprofits in the fields of animal rights, environment, special populations, and bicycle advocacy. During that time, she also worked as a river guide, owned a bicycle shop, and taught a university course on social change with bicycles. Sue is the author of four published books – three nonfiction and one memoir – and has two novels underway. She has also published articles, collaborated on other nonfiction books, and written blogs related to social impact. Her feature-length screenplay, Reclaiming Estanislao, captures the true story of the campaign to save the Stanislaus River in California in the 1970s with an uplifting fictional twist.