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Brandy Finmark

writer Chelsea, Crossing Swords, Crank Yankers
Brandy Finmark is a feature and TV comedy writer.

In 2015, Brandy and her writing partner wrote a sketch for Comedy Central, The Glass Ceiling Board Game for Girls, which went viral. In 2016, she and her writing partner teamed up with Feigco and sold an original spec called Pros and Cons to Paramount. In 2018, they sold a feature pitch, The Untitled Coachella Project, to Paramount Players, and a month later sold another feature to Freeform called 8 Horrible Nights.
Most recently, in April 2020, she teamed up with 20th Century Fox and sold an original series, The Hot Young Widows Clubto Freeform.

Currently, The Untitled Coachella Project is in development at Paramount Players, and Brandy has producers, directors, and talent attached to various feature projects in development.

Aside from her long career in features, Brandy has also staffed on Chelsea on Netflix, Crank Yankers on Comedy Central, and Crossing Swords on Hulu.