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Brandon Burkhart

comedy Writer
Los Angeles, California
Brandon is a Los Angeles-based Latinx comedy writer originally from San Antonio, TX. He was one of seven writers chosen for the 2020 NBC Late Night Writers Workshop from over 900 applicants. He's currently a headline contributor for The Onion and a joke writer for The Complete Sheet.

Brandon has won the Moth storytelling competition four times, including the Los Angeles GrandSLAM. From 2017 until Covid-19, he was head writer for the late night show "The Night Cap with Stacy Rumaker," which ran monthly to packed crowds at The Virgil. His horror-comedy pilot "Salvador Dolly" won Second Place in the 2020 WeScreenplay TV Pilot Contest, his sci-fi comedy "Mars Bar" was a Finalist in the 2020 PAGE Awards, and his workplace comedy "Minimum Rage” won the 2021 ScreenCraft Comedy TV Pilot Competition.

Brandon’s heritage is Mexican and German, which means he loves beer, sausage, and terrible accordion music. Because he grew up in two different worlds and always felt a little out of place in both of them, he’s inspired to write about outsiders processing trauma through humor, like the last surviving Martian serving drinks to the humans who colonized his planet, or an awkward boy whose only friend is a haunted doll.

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