Billy Krolick

Billy grew up in the swamp. Central Florida, that is. You might think of it as the land of Disney. But it wasn’t always. It used to be something else. Something beautiful and horrifying. A wild land completely destroyed by people and development. His time there has influenced all his work since. The years flagging wetlands, driving open-air jeeps through the brush, and sleeping in cow pastures, most often resurface in his work as something he likes to call Florida Horror.

Billy is a screenwriter, Associate Creative Director, and budding games writer with over a decade of professional writing experience. He cut his storytelling teeth in advertising, where he’s won awards for his work with Bose, NFL, Star Wars, and various celebrities, like Marcus Samuelsson and Maren Morris.

In school, he studied storytelling and screenwriting at both Harvard and Emerson, where he learned to develop quirky characters with heart and authentic dialogue. His scripts have gone on to win various awards, with one of his recent projects, Blood Island, receiving acclaim and buzz in this year’s Austin Film Festival, where it’s currently in the Top 2% and in the running for both the Drama Pilot award and AMC’s Pilot award.
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